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To enjoy Supreme Master Television everywhere, the best mobile solution currently is iPhone or iPod touch, because:

  1. iPhone(touch) screen is 480x320, this is very good for subtitles. Most mobile phones, PMPs, PDAs's screen is 320x240(QVGA), and it is difficult to read (Chinese) subtitles on QVGA, no matter how good the 320x240 picture quality is.
  2. iPod touch dimension is 8mm(really thin) x 110mm x 61.8mm, weight 120g. Easy to carry everywhere.

    iPhone dimension is 11.6mm(still thin) x 115mm x 61mm, weight 135g, and with speaker builtin.

  3. iPhone(iPod) can play 640x480 H.264 videos smoothly.
These MP4s can be played on iPod touch, iPod (3rd/4th-gen) nano, iPod classic, iPhone, and other devices which support 640x480 H.264/AVC mp4.

With "HOMADE BB5002" or "Macally Podwave" pocket speaker, we can enjoy MP4 on iPod more conveniently without earphone.
Note: 2nd/3rd/4th-gen touch (with side volume-control buttons) can not use "HOMADE BB5002". To have louder sound on 2nd/3rd/4th-gen touch, HOMADE BB5012 or Buffalo OTOKORO or Elecom Soundblack can be used.

With "Apple Composite(or Component) AV Cable" (which can be bought on Apple Store) or "iPod Universal Dock(S-Video)", these MP4s can be output to (big) TV from iPod.

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